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So what the heck do you put in the bio page. Let's see. I live in our nation's capital, in tiny studio apartment which I recently purchased and which now requires major plumbing repairs. But hey, I got to paint my kitchen pink, people.

I like to cook, drink, talk philosophy with my friends when drunk, go out late, totter around on high heels, shop at Target, watch PBS, walk REALLY fast on those people movers at the airport, travel, go to the symphony, read, go to the movies, love and be loved.

My faves are: England, gin, fireplaces, balconies, being an Anglican, good writing, Shakespeare, and CHANEL. Oh and there's tons more but I'm not going to bore you.

Cast of Characters:

The Professor: My best friend of 11 years. Met him in the UK when we were both at Exeter University. He lives here now and has a KICK ASS flat he got on the cheap. Lucky bastard. Librarian. Conservative. Anglican and Anglophile. Smartest person I know.

The Commandant: Another best friend of 11 years. Met him also in the UK at the same university in Exeter because he lived across the hall from me, the crazy American. He and the Professor and I formed a sort of triumvirate. Drinks a lot, takes great photographs, dresses superbly, loves to fiddle with cars, is a real charmer.

The LS: My younger sister. We have two brothers as well, but they are in Maine and Lynchburg, VA, respectively. She is my closest female friend but being my sister can also drive me insane. Smart. Pretty. Full of curiosity and drive.

The Witch: My other best friend probaby in the whole world. She lives about ten minutes from me (NICE) and we meet every week at one of our houses for Secret Book Club, which is hilarious because everyone knows about it. Intensely gifted. Best read person I know. Highly intelligent. Deeply mystical. I can't say enough good things about this woman. I love her BIG TIME.

The Rajah: My friend Viv whom I met through the Professor. I love this guy -- he's intelligent, capable, generous, fun to hang out with, and very self-actualised. He also happens to be a lawyer (and it's always good to be on friendly terms with a lawyer let me tell you). One of the finest adults of my acquaintance.

The Cartographer: My friend Jen who lives in faraway Madison, Wisconsin getting her degree in geo-morphology. One of the coolest people on the planet. A super-gifted graphic artist, music afficianado, cook, animal lover, and sports nut. A keen scientist with a strong and loving heart.

The Librarian: Another friend named Jen who is also another friend who is a librarian (like the Witch and the Professor). The Librarian is a SUPERB cook and entertainer and a really good photographer, particularly when on holiday taking holiday snaps. Funny, loyal, strong, and smart. Also she loves to shop. YEAH BABY.